I have known Scott Perkins for many years on a personal and professional level. He has been a longtime customer, climbing partner and friend. We have done many trips together and Scott has always shown extraordinary care, competence and safety. His resume includes numerous successful ascents throughout the Western Hemisphere. He is equally knowledgeable, adept and skilled in all manner of ice, snow and rock climbing, and has an excellent sense of judgement in the mountains. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking a professional guide or wishing to learn rock and ice skills.
Chris Watfordclimber, guide, guidebook author


Thank you for considering the expert rock and mountain climbing instruction and guide services of Mr. Scott Perkins. Earlier this year I hired him to provide initial and refresher rock climbing instruction and was very pleased with his services. I absolutely recommend him to any individual, organization or business desiring his unique skills.

I served in the U.S. Air Force for over 30 years as a commissioned officer, pilot and instructor. I know and greatly value professional, results-focused and safe training. Scott provided that and much more to me and two members of my family. Scott created and commanded a safe yet fun training environment for a group with diverse backgrounds and skills. His personalized approach, calm demeanor and mastery of all aspects of climbing ensured a wonderful day for all of us.

Whether your focus is on corporate clients on a team-building weekend, families on an adventure holiday or fist responder/military personnel adding to their special skills toolkit, Scott Perkins will successfully educate and train them to the level you desire. I challenge you to find anyone with Scott’s mastery of the art of climbing and training expertise.



Lieutenant General, USAF, retired


In regards to Scott Perkins, a close friend and multi-talented individual. Scott has always proven himself the consummate professional, prepared not just for himself but anticipating the needs of others. My climbing and guiding experience has been spaced over 30+ years, I have come to recognize the qualities that define a good guide, Scott is exceptional. Scott’s climbing resume is quite distinct and varied, his success rate and safety record unblemished from Alaska to Argentina. Scott’s fitness level is legendary within our community as well as his ability to endure with optimism and motivation. Scott leads at the 5.12 level and climbs high grade ice in less than optimal settings. I would highly recommend Scott to anyone seeking a quality guide.
Robertclimber, guide, guidebook author

Scott’s level of experience in guiding, rock climbing, and mountaineering is seldom matched. His extreme level of fitness, knowledge and dedication to safety, and overall professionalism make even the most experienced client feel humbled and confident. In short, you would be hard-pressed to find a better guide or instructor than Scott.
David, US Army Special Forces, 25 years climbing experience

I’ve known Scott for a dozen years and have climbed with him many, many times. We’ve been rock climbing, ice climbing, and mountaineering. His knowledge and ability is bar none. Scott has superb organizational and leadership skills, instilling confidence in both novice and expert climbers. From one-on-one adventures to group expeditions, Scott has the skill and fitness to lead the most challenging climbs and handles the stress and danger of climbing (and of leading novice climbers) with absolute professionalism. I have absolute confidence in his abilities and would feel comfortable with him as the team leader on any level of expedition. I look forward to climbing with him again.
- Aaron, attorney, Former Federal Prosecutor, 12+ years climbing experience

I am looking forward to learning more about the sport of mountaineering and cannot imagine being able to find someone else more capable and knowledgeable than Scott and certainly not anyone that I trust more in the unpredictable conditions that can sometimes arise in the mountains. Knowing Scott the way I do and knowing his concerns for safety I felt completely at ease entrusting my family and friend’s safety with Scott.”- Carl, Realtor, Atlanta

I have been climbing with Scott Perkins for nearly 13 years now; Scott has been my primary climbing teacher and mentor from the time I took up the sport. During the time we have been climbing partners, I have climbed numerous multi-day objectives in several mountain ranges with Scott, assisted him with guided expeditions, and observed him guiding and teaching beginners and novices alike, of all ages. Scott’s passion for climbing is exceeded only by his level of technical expertise — including expedition planning, orienteering, route-finding, hauling/rescue/belay systems, rope management and the art of placing traditional rock protection — and his gift for teaching and sharing this knowledge with others. Scott’s mastery is evident to all who climb with him, and that mastery instills high confidence in his clients and climbing partners alike. There is no other climber I’d rather have tied into the other end of my rope.- Les, Attorney USDOJ, STG1 (SW), U.S. Navy 1984-90, 13+ years climbing experience

Whether its whiteout conditions in the big mountains, ice climbing frozen waterfalls, or long, scary rock routes, Scott has lead me through the most challenging moments of my life…and I keep going back for more. I wouldn’t trust anyone else.
- John, Georgia, Investment Banker, 12+ years climbing experience

I have climbed with Scott for 15 years and he is one of a select few of the many climbing partners I’ve had over the years that I consider a “go to” man. When I have a big and challenging climbing objective, I call Scott. I know he has what it takes to get a climbing project done safely and effectively. He is highly skilled in all forms of climbing: ice, rock, big wall, international mountaineering expeditions, and alpine and we have done all of the above. 
Scott is a man of very high caliber. He is a team player and effectively balances tenacity and safety. He is personable and his sense of humor is absolutely infectious. Scott’s leadership style is inspirational. His endurance is remarkable and he never turns from a challenge yet rather faces it with the faith that a solution will be found. I can think of no more appropriate person I would rather be with when the going gets tough.
- Keith, Oregon. 35+ years climbing experience

I’ve been a client of Scott’s since the summer of 2000. He’s never missed a detail in the planning of our trips. Safety has always been a priority in the mountains and we’ve always had a great time.
- Eric, CEO, Atlanta

I would jump at the opportunity to have Scott guide me again. Although it was an adventure that he could have easily done in mere hours, he led our group with patience and expertise and adjusted the pace so we were challenged, but not exhausted. From making sure we packed lightweight, nutrient-dense supplies to educating us on emergency conditions, he had every detail covered — this is a guy you want around if bears attack! His climbing skills, as well as his ability to assess the terrain and conditions in light of our abilities, are impeccable. Plus, the man builds a mean campfire.
- Maggie, Utah. 3+ years climbing experience

Scott is an outstanding climber and climbing instructor. He has the patience to teach a 9 year old and the skill to impart knowledge to climbers that are already very experienced. His judgment is beyond reproach. I have observed him perform flawlessly under stress. Scott is an accomplished alpinist and easily the most physically fit person I know. I cannot think of another person I would rather have by my side in a dangerous situation. I would and have trusted Scott with my daughter’s life and the keys to my house.
- David , 10+ years climbing experience.

I am a relative novice when it comes to climbing, but have had the good fortune of taking several classes and climbing trips with Scott. He has the ability to teach the complex and make it understandable and his commitment to safety is his utmost concern all the while making the demanding sport of climbing enjoyable. I for one am glad that I have the opportunity to learn the “ropes” from a climbing professional like Scott.
- Rick, Georgia 2+ years climbing experience

I’ve known Scott for over a decade. He has shared his love of climbing with our family and imparted more importantly the safety aspect of climbing. I hired him to take me and my 13 year old on her first Multi-pitch climb. We absolutely enjoyed ourselves. It was a very memorable occasion for us. We’ve taken several courses from him and I believe when my girls go on to climb on their own they will be strong and safe climbers, always remembering what Scott has taught them. We have valued his knowledge, expertise and his patience.
- Deborah, 10+ years climbing experience

Scott has lead me in the mountain on several occasions. These trips were well planned, expertly guided and extremely safe. His pre-planning of our trip was evident in our successful ascent and more important our safe decent and return home. When I climb again, I will only reach out to Scott and his team of seasoned professionals and good friends.”
- Mike, Idaho, 5+ years climbing

Scott was a total professional from beginning to end. It was necessary to correspond over email for the first few months and he was always quick to respond and seemingly happy to answer any of my questions regarding training, gear, etc. I felt very well taken care of from day one.
From the very beginning of the climb, I had absolute trust in him and his guiding skills. He portrayed the calm assertiveness that comes from years of experience. He did an excellent job of explaining when he needed to, asserting himself when he needed to and keeping his crew safe while helping to make the climb amazing.
Not only did he have the wisdom and leadership to get our group through some tricky situations, he was an absolute blast to spend time with. Although there was down time, there was never a dull moment. Scott did his best to ensure that the group safely reached the summit and had some terrific memories and photos to boot.”
- Alyson, Tacoma 2+ years climbing

Scott has guided myself and my family numerous times over the past decade and has always demonstrated care and concern for us as clients, deep technical climbing skill, and extensive preparation for each trip. I have already recommended Scott’s guided course on rock climbing anchors to several of my friends. His technical rock and mountain skills are only beaten by his concern for our safety and satisfaction with the experience. Overall a thorough, knowledgable guide and a good guy.
- Chad, Grad student, 10+ years climbing experience

As a first time mountaineer, I couldn’t have asked for a better guide than Scott Perkins. His personal experience made me feel safe and educated every step of the way. He led by example throughout — on the mountain and in preparation. Knowing the training he engaged in to ensure he is always in the best physical fitness for the the objective helped me greatly in planning my own training. By following his advice on training and gear selection, I was fit and comfortable throughout the journey. His competent and no-nonsense approach helped the team work together and gave you the confidence that in the event of an unforeseen (to the novice) circumstance, Scott had probably already planned for it and could handle it effectively and safely. I would highly recommend engaging Scott for your next mountain objective.
- Brenna, Atlanta, 10+ years climbing

Scott led six novice climbers on Mexico’s Pico de Orizaba. Without his skills in guiding individuals in pursuit of lofty objectives, not one of us would have summated this mountain. In times of trouble- Scott handled, prodded and lead from the front. He transformed a novice group of individuals into a tightly bound team. He displayed not only great individual strength and stamina but the ability to take us out of our comfort zones and into the great sport of mountaineering.
- Robert, property manager, Atlanta

I have climbed with Scott on several occasions now. I was extremely confident in his knowledge and skills. He always communicated extremely well, was quick to answer any questions, and his advice for gear, training, and prep was always invaluable. His physical fitness was top condition. We were in a whiteout descending from the top of a mountain on a recent trip, Scott kept the group organized and focused, provided excellent client care, and managed the situation in a calm and proffesional manner. There is no one I would rather be in a dangerous situation with then Scott.
- Steven, race car driver, Atlanta, 2+ years climbing

I met Scott Perkins by accident in ’02 through a friend of a friend and have been climbing with him ever since. 
Scott is not only a great guy, he is also a great climber. He knows the mountains, knows how to be safe and when to have fun. I love that Scott will tell you the scenario, chat about our options and allow you to be part of the plan, part of the solution. I’ve learned a great deal from Scott’s experiences and through our climbing trips. 
I’ve been climbing with Scott for just over 10 years now and trust him implicitly. We’ve been on three separate climbing trips in the mountains for 12-18 days. Our trip was fantastic! It was well planned, well communicated, exciting, very challenging and fun (and we ate like kings). 
My husband feels comfortable with me climbing for weeks on end in remote places around the world knowing that I’m with Scott… and that we will climb smart and come back with all 10 fingers and all 10 toes. 
I’ve recommended a few friends to Scott that are intrigued by my climbing stories and want to see for themselves. They have come back from trips with similar sentiments.
If I’m on a mountaineering expedition – I’m with Scott. That simple.
- Rebecca, Marketing Executive, San Diego, 15+ year climber

Scott is an excellent guide with unparalleled knowledge and experience of climbing. I have done four big mountain climbs with him over the past 5 years. During our climbs his instruction and guidance instilled confidence. He is self assured yet focused on safety and is not afraid to turn people back who do not have the strength or skill level to proceed after a climb had started. He knows his stuff and is a lot of fun to climb with.
- Michael, Sr VP, Miami, 5+ years climbing

I’ve had the opportunity to climb with and be guided by Scott a number of times over the past five years. I think I’ve learned something from him every time we’ve climbed together…and sometimes, a hell of a lot! 
While he is undoubtedly an incredibly accomplished and knowledgeable climber, even more impressive is his interaction with clients: super friendly, helpful, and looking out for everyone to safely accomplish the goal at hand. And when things don’t go as planned or the weather rolls in, he is definitely the guy you want around to make the difficult decisions and pull through physically and mentally challenging situations.
- Mike, Atlanta, 10+ years climbing

I have had the pleasure to have Scott guide me through my four climbs. His knowledge, expertise, fitness level, and professionalism, put me at immediate ease. No matter what the situation, Scott always seems to be in control. His decision making is evident as he always places safety first. Scott truly cares about his climbers and because of all the above, he has become a friend.
Jim, Miami 5+ years climbing

I was looking for a climbing instructor to provide approximately 20 boys with a day of rappelling and climbing activity for their BSA merit badges and Scott Perkins came highly recommended. We were unfamiliar with the area and Scott was very helpful in locating a suitable camping area for our large group. He insured we had good driving instructions to camp and to our designating meeting point for our climb. Scott is very safety oriented and displayed an impressive repertoire of knots and climbing and rappelling techniques. All the boys and the adult leaders had a wonderful experience.  First rate instructor!

Richard, BSA Troop leader


Ariela and I could not have had a better time. You were a great guide! We got in as much as we could from a number of single pitch climbs, to some rope work, to multi pitch climbs, and to a simulated lead climb that started to help her learn how to place pro.

Thank you so much for your patience and sharing your expertise.

Gary, 30+ years climbing experience, on his dughter’s first multi-day climbing trip.


“I just returned from a guided trip on Mount Rainier with [company name redacted]. While I was on this trip it made me appreciate even more your style of mountaineering, guiding/teaching and just general sharing of love for the mountains. You set a pretty high standard in a lot of ways I did not realize at the time. I learned a lot from you that came in handy on this trip and now that I have something to compare it to, I just want you to know how great you are”

Jo, Colorado,  10+ years climbing experience