Guided day climbs for individuals and groups in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Western North Carolina. We can provide a fun, safe, and exciting climbing and rappelling outing tailored specifically to your needs.  This is an ideal day of fun for families looking to spice up their weekend plans, scout and school groups, or anyone with an adventurous spirit. For those looking to experience climbing for the first time to experienced rock climbers looking to take it to the next level we can provide a fun, safe, and rewarding outing for all ages and skills levels. All climbing and safety equipment is provided. See bottom of page for all 2017 rates or Call today or click HERE to schedule your climbing adventure! 770-757-5512 or email scott@guidedclimb.com

Group size and guide to client ratios-Our single pitch/toprope outing and courses can be anywhere from one participant to a family or group of friends to a large group or organization. however, our multi-pitch guiding and instruction is only available at a client to guide ratio of 1 to 1 or 2 to 1. This low ratio allows us to operate safely and efficiently on multi-pitch terrain. If you have a group of 3 or 4 we would assign two guides for your group. We do not recommend multi-pitch outings (everyone climbing the same route) for parties greater than 4. We can accommodate groups larger than 4 but this typically involves climbing separate routes with everyone meeting back at the end of the climbing day.

Courses and Clinics:

“Gym-to-Crag” Clinic-  This clinic is specifically designed for the gym lead climber looking to venture outside. Prerequisites: participants should have the basic skills required at an indoor gym to be lead certified.  The clinic will cover crag safety, leading bolted sport routes to set up top ropes, anchor systems, cleaning an anchor to be lowered or rappel.


Climb Safe Clinic- This course  provides information on up to date techniques and technical systems to maximize safety and efficiency. There are no prerequisites. Climb Safe is heavily weighted on mastering the essential components necessary to safely operate at a single pitch cliff. The day consists of ground level review and instruction along with practical application of skills(climbing!)


 Basic toprope set-up class- This class is based on the AMGA Single Pitch Instructor curriculum but “guide specific” techniques have been modified or removed in order to tailor the curriculum to recreational climbers’ needs.  We review equipment, knots, a wide variety of anchor systems, belaying and rappelling. This is a two day course designed so graduate participants can safely and efficiently set up various top rope climbs in a non-guiding capacity. There are many top rope accessible cliff areas and the ability to safely set up top rope climbs opens up a wide variety of climbing routes. This is an excellent course for scout and camp staff and those wishing to take out less experienced friends and family members. There are no Prerequisites but participants will get more out of the course if they already  have a working knowledge of belaying and climbing knots(figure eight, overhand and clove hitch).


Lead protection and anchors Course is the first course in a series of building block courses designed to take the gym or top rope or sport climber and provide them with the skills necessary to safely and effectively transition to traditional lead and multi-pitch climbing . Students will learn how to place and evaluate traditional climbing protection. Participants are NOT required to lead climb. This course is heavily weighted on ground level practice and mock leading(top rope back-up).

Prerequisites- there are no technical or climbing movement prerequisites for attending the Anchors Course but students with very limited outdoor climbing experience may consider attending a Gym-To-Crag or Climb Safe Clinic before the anchors course.


Trad Lead I is a course designed for the climber who has either successfully completed the anchors course or who already possesses a solid understanding of traditional protection. This course will teach traditional lead climbing techniques applicable to single pitch routes and how the overall climbing system works to protect the climber and second.  While some of the skills and techniques will be reviewed at ground level this is primarily an active climbing day.

Prerequisites- Complete the Anchors course or be able to demonstrate a solid understanding of basic knots, ability to  place and evaluate  passive and active protection. Have the ability to comfortably climb(on top rope) face and crack climbs rated at the 5.7 level.

Trad II takes the skills acquired from the Anchors Course and the Trad I course and applies them to multi-pitch climbing skills and techniques applicable to climbs that are from 2 pitch to Grade III in length. This course addresses: equipment selection and climbing strategy, construction of solid and efficient anchors, belaying technique and station and rope management, routefinding and critical decision making skills.

Prerequisites- Completion of the Trad I course or demonstrate a solid understanding of anchor construction. Ability to lead traditionally protected face and crack climbs rated 5.7 in difficulty and follow climbs rated 5.9 in difficulty. A fitness level appropriate to operating on multi-pitch terrain.


Basic Rescue/Self Rescue is a stand alone course designed for climbers who wish to become more self reliant. The course will concentrate on developing good situational awareness and the ability to evaluate various scenarios to determine a best course of action. Skills taught include  knots and hitches, belay escapes,  improvised ascending and descending techniques, knot passing,  raises and lowers, rescue rappels and pick-offs.

Prerequisites-  Able to comfortably toprope face and crack climbs rated 5.6 in difficulty. Solid belaying skills , working knowledge of basic climbing knots and anchoring systems.


Boy Scouts of America climbing and merit badge testing. We adhere to the “Climb On Safely” and “Topping Out” protocol of National Project COPE and the Climbing/Rappelling Standards set forth by the BSA. Scouts and attendant adults will learn safe climbing and rappelling practices and techniques and will be afforded the opportunity to climb and rappel on a variety of terrain challenges in a fun and safe educational atmosphere. Full day and multi-day options available. Group discounts apply.


Military and LE specific training available. Please contact us directly for more information about  our programs and partner organizations.

2017 rates:

One person- $210

Two person- $120 pp

Three person- $85 pp

Group Rates (4 or more)*

4-9 participants: $65 pp

10 or more participants: $50 pp

*Note: Group rates are for one guide. Additional guides can be provided at a rate of $165 per guid.  Most beginner groups select one guide for every 6-9 participants, however, your requirements may vary. Please contact us so we can assist you in selecting the appropriate guide to participant ratio.

Call today or click HERE to schedule your climbing adventure! 770-757-5512 or email scott@guidedclimb.com



  • Stephanie Reed

    November 15, 2013 at 6:57 pm |

    Hey Scott!

  • Chuck Crawford

    January 28, 2015 at 7:47 pm |

    Scott is hands down one the safest, most knowledgeable and experienced guides in the business. Whether its rock (single pitch, multi pitch or alpine), snow or ice, Scott is at home on ALL terrains and in any environment. His professionalism and sense of humor make him a great climbing partner for a day trip or a 2 week adventure to a remote mountain in South America!
    I HIGHLY recommend Scott Perkins to guide you and your friends on your next climbing adventure!!!